Life is an adventure!

Welcome! I am Dave and this is my website.

If we met in person, it'd probably better to ask me who I am rather than what I do.


Because the list goes on! The Today Show called me a "Renaissance Man," AOL named me "a master of productivity, a philosopher of motivation," and Forbes referred to me as, "incredibly spirited and resolute." Big words. I'm honored!


This year my What's Your 20 project tracks my progress in twenty unique habits and measures the results.  Previously I celebrated a national day for every single calendar day of the year in my National Day Of project. The year before that, I ran in the NYC Triathlon, two Spartan Races, and ten running races. Other projects include running every street in Manhattanrunning 500 miles around the USA, and working 100 jobs in a year


That's what I do. But as for who I am?


I'm a thinker so moved by life that I can't stay silent or stable. So I'm both inquisitive and exuberant, both whimsical and practical, but mostly...


I'm an adventurer at heart.